Money Related Questions How much will it cost me? Do I need to provide any credit card details? How much can I earn? What does the payout info mean on the ‘finance’ page? Is there a financial risk to me? When does the check arrive? What if my players win too much? What deals can I offer my players? What is the minimum amount that you will send me? New Players How much do I get for new players? Is there a limit on the… Read More »Faq


Yes, it’s true: we don’t want you to pay us one single cent for running your own online casino! We won’t ever ask for any for money and you’ll never have to pay out any money to players that win at your casino! Your only potential expenses for you will be in finding a web host and any advertising that you choose to do, neither of which are payable to us. So how much can you expect to earn from this venture? Your earnings depend… Read More »Finance


Own your very own Online Casino! Within 24 hours you can be marketing and earning money from your own casino. We pay the most generous commissions in the business. You profit from net revenue generated by every player that signs up to your casino for the life of that player’s account! This fantastic offer has been generously provided by our parent site who will pay OWN AN ONLINE CASINO members a massive 30% of net revenue generated from members’ sites for the lifetime of… Read More »Signup


Your casino will consist of an attention grabbing front page that will entice visitors to play at your casino. Behind the front page are several pages containing information about your casino for your visitors to read through. When someone decides to play at your casino they have a choice of over 30 games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, 3-Wheel & 5-Wheel Slots, Baccarat, Keno and Poker. Our games all use the latest software and so have a quality polished look to them. They can be… Read More »Insideyourcasino


How you earn money: Every player that registers and deposits at your site automatically become credited to you. Each and every time that they visit your casino and spend money, you earn up to 40% of the net revenue! You earn up to 10% over-ride commission of the net revenue for the lifetime of every player that your referred webmasters send us Payments are sent out on the 10th of every month You can check your stats at any time of the day to see… Read More »Howyouearn


A fully-fledged online casino for FREE! You earn up to 40% of the net revenue for the lifetime of every player that you send us You earn up to 10% over-ride commission of the net revenue for the lifetime of every player that your referred webmasters send us We pay out all losses to your customers You never pay out a cent! We handle all transactions We provide 24-7 customer service We offer you free technical support What your website will contain: Download page FAQ… Read More »Information


Jun 21 A selection of free graphics have been added to the site so that members can update their own sites if they wish. Jun 7 Members now offered a fantastic opportunity to run an EVEN BIGGER casino. Click here to read about “Package Two” Jun 7 Members can now run their own OAC site! Click here for information Apr 29 One new Pre-Designed site added to selection, with two given a revamp (B & H) Jan 20 Members status and % payout upgraded. Click here for details Jan 7 Website… Read More »Whatsnew


Fancy collecting more webmasters to make money for you? Now here’s your chance! We’re offering our members the fantastic opportunity to run their OWN Own A Casino site – just like this one! Like our casinos, we offer a range of Pre-Designed sites for you to choose from. Have a look at them below then, if you’re interested, click here to fill out the join form.


Comparison Of Package 1 & 2 Package 1 Package 2 Cost Free $2500 Branded Website x x We pay your customers x x We take care of customer service x x We offer technical support for you x x Customers are yours for life x x Start at 30% of profits x Start at 50% of profits x Brand new casino design x Branded download x Play For Fun option for players x


What will your site be called? Anything you like! You could name it after yourself (“Joe Bloggs Casino”) or whatever. You buy the domain name and are responsible for uploading the site, we’ll provide you with the main body. You can use one of our eight templates below, only needing to change the name of your site to suit yourself. You can also change the graphics to give it your OWN personal touch! Of course, we’re always on hand to help out with any graphical… Read More »Sitedesign