Yes, it’s true: we don’t want you to pay us one single cent for running your own online casino!

We won’t ever ask for any for money and you’ll never have to pay out any money to players that win at your casino!

Your only potential expenses for you will be in finding a web host and any advertising that you choose to do, neither of which are payable to us.

So how much can you expect to earn from this venture? Your earnings depend entirely on you – how much you promote your site and how much time you put into your casino. An unpromoted site is very unlikely to receive any new visitors but if you’re striking advertising deals with other websites, participating in banner exchanges and so on, then the potential for making money is enormous. It is possible that you could make an average of $150-$200 from each casino player that plays at your casino so it’s certainly worth gettiong out there and grabbing as much business as possible.


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